[Bug 16832] Don't get the length property off platform objects with indexed properties


--- Comment #2 from Cameron McCormack <cam@mcc.id.au> 2012-06-20 04:20:08 UTC ---
OK, so two things to fix here:

1. We shouldn't look up a "length" property on a platform object that has
   indexed properties when we want to know how many there are, since that
   from the prototype could be changed.  Instead, we should just know
   how many indexed properties there are.

2. We should always expose a "length" property on objects that have indexed
   properties, and not have to define an IDL attribute for it.  If we do this,
   then we should require indexed properties not to be sparse (which I think
   they currently can be).

Boris mentioned that it might be better to have "length" exposed as a data
property rather than an accessor property (and if we do that, then it'll need
to be on the object itself rather than on the prototype).  Is anyone opposed to
doing that?

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