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Re: announcing normative ECMAScript specification in HTML

From: T.J. Crowder <tj@crowdersoftware.com>
Date: Thu, 24 May 2012 22:00:39 +0100
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To: Allen Wirfs-Brock <allen@wirfs-brock.com>
Cc: Anne van Kesteren <annevk@annevk.nl>, public-script-coord@w3.org, Istvan Sebestyen <istvan@ecma-international.org>, es-discuss <es-discuss@mozilla.org>

That's fanTAStic about finally having a normative, deeply-linkable, HTML
edition of the spec.

On 24 May 2012 19:13, Allen Wirfs-Brock <allen@wirfs-brock.com> wrote:

> On May 24, 2012, at 11:03 AM, Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> Yay HTML, welcome to the nineties! ;-) We usually need to link to the
> latest version however, any chance of getting that?
> http://www.ecma-international.org/publications/standards/Ecma-262.htm
> is a gateway page that will always contain links to both the HTML and PDF
> version of the latest edition

Yes, but given the significant (and welcome) effort to keep section numbers
the same version-on-version, rather than having all links to 5.1 rot (e.g.,
become out of date) as of 5.2, it would be very useful to have
pseudo-targets that represent:

* The latest 5.x

* The latest, period

So for instance:


...links to Section 4.3.2 of Edition 5.1, but


...links to Section 4.3.2 of whatever the latest 5.x is, and


...links to Section 4.3.2 of whatever the *current* standard is.

Separately, ideally, with not just section names, but
semantically-intelligent targets. For instance, while it would be nice if


...always linked to the current Section 4.3.2, even better would be if


...always linked to the description of "primitive value" (the current
Section 4.3.2).

This is entirely "doable." A concept is unlikely to go entirely away
(although terminology changes), and if it does, a link to a brief
description of the fact it went away (or changed) would be useful.

If TC39 needs volunteers to come up with the set of
semantically-intelligent targets, sign me up.

T.J. Crowder
tj / crowder software / com
www / crowder software / com
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