[Bug 16604] RFE: add unsigned byte as synonym for octet


--- Comment #4 from Kenneth Russell <kbr@google.com> 2012-04-03 22:11:41 UTC ---
short and unsigned short already exist in Web IDL and map to C's int16 /
uint16. Those typedefs are also needed for the typed array spec and likely

"tiny" / "tiny int" and unsigned variants could work. Not sure about the
potential for namespace collisions with existing code.

Changing byte to be an unsigned type has downsides. It requires updating all
existing HTML5 specs which refer to that type, and would imply introducing a
"signed byte" type which is again asymmetric with how the other integer types
in Web IDL behave.

I would still prefer "byte" and "unsigned byte", but would also prefer the pair
of types "signed byte" and "byte" over introducing a new "tiny" concept.

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