Seeking status of DAP's "Web application registration" spec

Hi All,

For those DAPI people not subscribed to public-webapps, you many not be 
aware that Google's James Hawkins proposed [1] the WebApps WG add their 
Web Intents spec [2] to WebApps' charter.

Robin and some others stated DAPI's new charter covers this 
functionality via the "API that allows web applications to register 
themselves ..." deliverable [3].

What is DAPI's status and plans for this spec? F.ex., do you have an ED?

Would you also please clarify the relationship between this deliverable 
of DAPI's vis--vis Tyler's Web Introducer spec and James' Web Intents 
spec (see James' related e-mail at [4])?



Received on Monday, 26 September 2011 13:44:03 UTC