Re: [WebIDL] add text to discourage `InterfaceOwnedBySomeoneElse implements InterfaceIJustWrote;` and suggest `ConcreteObjectThatImplementsThatInterface implements InterfaceIJustWrote;` instead.

On 30/08/11 5:08 AM, timeless wrote:
> The rule which we tried to enforce is this:
> Only the owner of IFoo is allowed to extend IFoo until IFoo is frozen,
> at which point, IFoo MAY but probably SHOULD NOT be extended by
> others.
> Roughly that translates into:
>    You, owner of ConcreteObject X are free to use 'X implements IWhatever;', but
>    You are NOT free to use 'IStandardsBodyThing implements IWhatever;'.
> And I'd like to see text to this effect added to the specification.

I *think* that all existing uses of "implements" are of the form 
"ConcreteInterface implements IWhatever".  Do you have a pointer to the 
Web IDL snippet you say you saw?

I'm fine with adding a discouragement, and have done so now.;r2=1.369;f=h

Please indicate whether this resolution is acceptable, and also if you 
have any suggested improved wording for the note.



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