Re: [WebIDL] add text to discourage `[Optional] Interface / [NoInterfaceObject] interface Interface` and encourage `dictionary Dictionary` instead

On Aug 29, 2011, at 10:06 AM, timeless wrote:

> I recently saw a snippet of Web IDL code that goes like this:
>  function A(Foo foo, [Optional] Bar bar);
>  [NoInterfaceObject] interface Bar
>    { ... };
> In response to this, I'd like Web IDL to include some text to the effect of:
>    You SHOULD use `dictionary Foo` instead of `[NoInterfaceObject]
> interface Foo` if Foo is intended for use as an argument, especially
> an [Optional] argument.

That sounds like it would discourage patterns like this:

interface SomeOpaqueType {};

interface SomeResourceManager {
     SomeOpaqueType getSomeResource(...);
     void operateUsingResource(in SomeOpaqueType);

I don't see why you would want to discourage this as it is a  well understood design pattern.  For example see, 

Using dictionary to pass optional arguments is a complete different use case.



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