Re: Contacts API -- attribute order

Cameron McCormack:
>> OK.  I avoided specifying enumeration order to avoid stepping on
>> the ECMAScript spec's given that it was likely to specify an order
>> in the future.  Do you know what kind of order is required?

Andreas Gal:
> I don't think the specific order matters, but consistency does, since
> it is visible in practice. We could for example specify that the
> order of properties in IDL is the "creation order" of attributes.
> That would result in a de-facto consistency across all browsers
> without really constraining what TC39 might do to for-in in the
> future.

Web IDL doesn't say how interface prototype objects are created 
algorithmically, with any defined order of property creation.  It just 
says that properties for operations/attributes/constants must exist on 
the object.  Without defining that order, we don't get consistency 
across browsers.  So we would need to define what that order of property 
creation is to make the enumeration order any more specific than it is 
at the moment.

Received on Thursday, 25 August 2011 22:14:57 UTC