Re: [WebIDL] 'in'

On 14/07/11 1:44 AM, Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> I sort of feel we should just drop 'in' and patch the few specifications
> that still use it. It is meaningless cruft and makes IDL fragments that
> use it harder to read.

I'm more sympathetic to this view now than I was before.  I dislike the 
current situation where it is optional, and some spec writers use it and 
others don't.

Will we ever need to add "inout" and "out" parameters?  I think it's 
unlikely, given we're targeting JS here.

So seeing no complaints, I've gone ahead and dropped "in".;r2=1.340;f=h

For the purposes of tracking the Disposition of Comments on this Last 
Call Working Draft, could you indicate whether you are happy with the 
resolution of this issue.



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