Re: [WebIDL] remove modules

I don't believe the concern is about changes to Web IDL breaking any running
code (is that possible in any case? Web IDL is just a specification

But it could "break" specifications (affect them in a way that does impact
the code which implements them). Future versions of a spec that did have
modules defined would have to change to comply with a new Web IDL version
without modules. How would you propose that such a hypothetical new version
deal with this change?

Take a simple example: the WAC 2.0 Accellerometer API:

The purpose of this question is to see if the actual impact of this change
(on specifications, and the related impacts on implementations) is clear.

On the second point (a WAC extension for modules), how would that be
defined? If WAC (and OMA) really needed such an extension, why would W3C
object to it being a part of the Web IDL spec (if it is not used in W3C
specs then fine, but the universe of Web API specifications is larger than

Bryan Sullivan | AT&T

On 8/12/11 5:46 AM, "Marcos Caceres" <> wrote:

> On Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 2:41 PM, Arthur Barstow <> wrote:
>> Hi Paddy,
>> If modules are removed from the Web IDL spec, what running code e.g.
>> browsers, web/widget runtimes, IDEs, test cases, etc. will no longer comply
>> with the spec (looking for real breakages here)?
> I don't think any runtimes would break... probably just this would
> need some changes:
> (though it is unlikely that the widl processor conforms to whatever
> the latest draft of WebIDL is)
>> If WAC needs that type of functionality, could they define their own IDL
>> extension?
> That would probably be fine.

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