Re: Publishing a Last Call Working Draft of Web IDL on June 30

Hi Art,

Arthur Barstow:
> Cam mentioned off-list that closing these bugs by June 30 should be
> doable so let's please work toward that deadline.
> If any new bugs are raised between now and the time the LC is
> published, unless a bug is a showstopper for LC, let's plan to
> address those new bugs during the LC comment period.

All non-enhancement bugs (Severity:Enh is how I’ve reclassified those
feature requests I’ve deferred until V2; I would probably forget about
bugs that are marked RESO REMIND) are now resolved, with one exception:
the one about exceptions!

The general approach of how Web API specifications should use IDL
exceptions is still an open one, and I think more implementors and spec
writers need to chime in there.

Any actual change to the spec that might come out of that bug is likely
to be pretty small, however; if we decided against the propose approach,
we would either tweak the name property so that it reflects the
DOMException code rather than the IDL exception name, or we’d add a
separate property for it.

Given that, I don’t think we need to hold up publication, so I think you
can feel free to issue the CfC.  If it is acceptable, then during the
week while the CfC is running I will go through and perform some
editorial cleanups on the document.  (There are some red box editorial
notes in the document indicating features we may want to drop due to
lack of use and maybe consider as At Risk features; I might add one or
two of those.)



Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Thursday, 30 June 2011 05:25:22 UTC