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--- Comment #23 from Brendan Eich <brendan@mozilla.org> 2011-06-20 17:48:10 UTC ---
Need to survey some Gecko/WebKit/Presto forks of content that might care. I
wrote in public-script-coord:

Could someone cite some examples on the web?

I'm prepared to believe they are Out There. We might have to cater to them with
some quirks mode or other. But we need a survey to study the de-facto standard

BTW, I'm sympathetic to the idea that WebIDL, for historical or even just-so
ahistorical reasons, might want a "nullable DOMString" type. This is not that
JS-friendly, and JS matters a lot more than Java, C#, etc. But it still could
be that WebIDL and users, even users of the JS APIs, want null -> "" (a falsy

So ignoring compatibility constraints, and ignoring the separate
falsy-might-be-better argument, I'd prefer "ECMAScript ToString" semantics.

But we can't ignore those two issues, I agree. We need to study some JS on the
web that cares.

The breaking change could be bad: falsy value becomes truthy, changing control
flow. Also, less bad but still pretty bad: you see "null" instead of "" in data
that is presented to the user.


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