[Bug 8241] Named properties on window


--- Comment #11 from Boris Zbarsky <bzbarsky@mit.edu> 2011-06-20 03:21:20 UTC ---
In the Firefox, case at least, I think part of your problem is that you're
lumping together _different_ sorts of named properties.  In particular frame
names are treated quite differently from properties that come from the global
scope polluter in Gecko; I can't speak to other browsers.

The exact Gecko name resolution process on Window is:

1)  Something with standard classes (Object, Array, etc).  Not quite sure what
    and how those interact with named frames and the like.
2)  Look for a named frame with that name.
3)  Resolve "_content", "location", "navigator", "document".  Of those,
    "location" and "navigator" are non-configurable, so if you look them up
    before frames with those names are added, you won't be able to override
    them... or something.  I see no particular magic for "document" that would
    obviously explain your results.
4)  "java" and "packages"... I have no idea what that stuff is, except Java is
5)  Event handlers.
6)  Properties off the prototype chain.
7)  Global scope polluter.

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