Re: removing multiple inheritance

On 6/16/11 12:22 AM, Cameron McCormack wrote:
> It seems that in all of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE, dialogArguments
> is an own property on the window object.  There’s no way to express that
> at the moment in Web IDL.

Quite honestly, I doubt there's a strong compatibility worry here 
whether the property is an own property (which _all_ DOM properties are 
in Chrome+Safari, but not generally in IE/Firefox, note!), a property on 
Window.prototype or a property on a separate ModalWindow.prototype.

 From my point of view, having a separate ModalWindow inheriting from 
Window is the simplest way to write a sane spec for this stuff, and I 
would bet it's compatible with existing content.

> (The web will probably prove me wrong as soon as I type this, but) I
> would think it’s pretty unlikely that sites rely on the fact that
> dialogArguments and returnValue are on any particular object in the
> window’s prototype chain.

I agree, for what it's worth.


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