[Bug 12248] Make objects first-class API citizens


--- Comment #38 from Cameron McCormack <cam@mcc.id.au> 2011-05-26 04:33:26 UTC ---
I'm leaning towards adding a "dictionary" definition.  To run with the
IndexedDB example:

  dictionary ObjectStoreOptions {
    DOMString keyPath;
    boolean autoIncrement;

  interface IDBDatabase : EventTarget {
    IDBObjectStore createObjectStore
        (in DOMString name
         in optional ObjectStoreOptions optionalParameters);

Dictionaries wouldn't have an "interface object" or "interface prototype
object".  Dictionary members can be present or not present, and the prose for
an interface can see this at the IDL level.  We could decide to add default
values to the dictionary members if people really want it; otherwise, I'd say
to just leave it to prose for now.

In JS dictionaries are represented by plain objects that you do a
[[HasProperty]] to determine if the dictionary member was specified, and a
[[Get]] to get its value.  (Alternatively, we could do a [[Get]] and treat
undefined as meaning not specified.)  In the implementation of
createObjectStore, it would get the values for each dictionary member in the
order that they appear in the IDL (so first keyPath then autoIncrement). 
There'd be no restriction on which argument positions dictionaries could be
used in, so it's not quite the same as adding keyword argument functionality to

As with sequences, dictionaries could be used as operation return types too,
but not as the type of an attribute (or exception member).

This does not help structured cloning, but that seems like a special enough
case to me to leave it to the HTML spec to define rather than including Web IDL
machinery for it.

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