Re: Move length property to the set of supported property indicies?

Boris wrote:
> While I agree that having length be an own property is somewhat easier
> to implement, the fact that it would then behave totally different from
> all the other "non-live" DOM properties seems like a bad thing for
> _authors_.

In this case, I disagree, since it would make NodeList and other 
array-like collections more like arrays:

[].hasOwnProperty("length")  => true

I suspect that authors would expect the length property to behave just 
like the array index properties with which it is intimately related.
> One other note... Why is this an issue for length but not, say, item()
Conceptually, because length just seems to go with the array index 

 From an implementation standpoint, once I have a proxy that handles the 
array index properties, I can implement item(n) like this without having 
to use a WeakMap:

NodeList.prototype.item = function(n) { r = this[n]; if (r===undefined) 
return null; else return r; };


Received on Friday, 20 May 2011 22:57:01 UTC