[Bug 12458] Interface objects should be Functions


--- Comment #9 from Brendan Eich <brendan@mozilla.org> 2011-04-14 01:24:39 UTC ---
High order bit being interop does not automatically mean majority rules. There
is no interoperable de-facto standard now. We can get one by at least two
different paths.

The <builtin>.prototype object is a special case in JS already. It is never
instanceof <builtin>. It has a .constructor property referencing <builtin> but
that does not make it "is-a" in relation to the underlying class or interface

We need more detail about what "but clearly the interface prototype object does
not follow these rules either, nor should it IMHO" means. How does the
prototype of a DOM interface object *observably* differ from instances accessed
via that interface object or created by new'ing it?


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