Re: New DTD for Meta Tag Markup Language

On Sat, 2023-10-28 at 21:46 -0500, Joseph D. Smith wrote:
> I want to introduce my concept for a new DTD that serves as an XML-
> based markup language called Meta Tag Markup Language (or "MTML").
> The basic premise is to use HTML-based SEO meta tags schema in an
> XML file/environment. I am hoping this could help reduce the workload
> and file size of HTML and/or other index pages.
> This is the basic mtml.dtd schema:

In general you need to allow xml:lang attributes on any element.

Running text such as a description may also want other markup, such as
ruby annotations, bidi control, emphasis, links.

Why only one author?
Why constrain the order of these at all?

In an XML environment, XSLT is often used to generate HTML, and can
combine metadata from other sources, e.g. a database or an external
file, which can be more powerful. If XML is served on the open Web
there's a host of difficulties, such as mapping to the accessible DOM,
that make it not necessarily a good idea.


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