RE: Problem with google not seeing my Item

The types of Schema recognized by Google in the Rich Results Tool is limited. The list of Schemas recognized and reported on in Google Webmaster Tools is even smaller. For example: LocalBusiness is recognized in the Rich Results tool but not shown as a discovered Schema type in Webmaster Tools/Search Console. 

This is somewhat frustrating, but you're not alone in expecting precision and scope of recognition only to discover publishing with that expectation doesn't yield what you'd expect. The schema I'd recommend you augment these pages with is "Article" because that is a Rich Results recognized Schema. But don't expect it to be reported or to get feedback on using it from Search Console. 

If you do get to work with one of the privileged Schemas, for example "JobPosting" then you'll see how Google DOES give some schemas the full treatment, and how absolutely useful the information tools Google gives you are, but then working with less privileged Schemas are disappointing by contrast. There's nobody else who is practically using schemas as much or as well, so there's a lot of opportunity in this area to lead still. For example, SEMRush doesn't have tools to examine schema performance at all, very little if any that's focused on "snippets" as a single metric rather than getting into the many dimension involved. I'd love to have tools that give Schema tweaking guidance based on real world results, but there's not much being offered to me in that area, to the point where if I want it I have to build it myself. If anyone knows better Schema measuring and reporting tools over and above Search Console, please clue me in. 

It's all very new but it's also incredibly useful and important for now and the future, so I expect more consumer-available tools that meet the need to analyze Schema impacts on traffic and AI accuracy in the near future. We needed them yesterday. 


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Subject: Problem with google not seeing my Item

Hello everyone,

I'm concerned with my Schema ("@type":"Periodical" or "@type":"PeriodicalIssue").

When I use the tool ( ) its seems to see my Json but if I use google tool, it do not see anything?

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you

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