Re: Permit external JSON-LD files?

I believe another approach is to use a link header in the HTTP response 
of the requested resource. This is laid out in the current JSON-LD spec 
[§ 9.4 Remote Document and Context 
Basically if the response to a request `` 
includes a `Link` header such as:

Link: <> 

then the JSON-LD processor should recognize the alternate location for 
the requested document type and retrieve the JSON-LD document from 

One benefit of such an approach is that a client interested in JSON-LD 
can issue a HEAD request to determine the location of the JSON-LD before 
retrieving the resource, saving a bit of traffic.

I can’t speak for how broadly this approach is supported however.

   Dave Vieglais

On 29 Aug 2022, at 11:29, Hans Polak wrote:

> Good afternoon,
> This is from StackOverflow. 
> <link href="/myid123/jsonld.js" rel="alternate" 
> type="application/ld+json" />
> Yours sincerely,
> Hans Polak
> On 27/8/22 19:17, Roger Rogerson wrote:
>> I appreciate that things like MicroData are inlined,
>> and utilise the HTML Markup to associate data with content.
>> But JSON-LD Schema is embedded.
>> In many cases, this additional code serves no "human" purpose,
>> and is provided for "machines" (typically Google).
>> A shining example is the following web page (remove spaces after 
>> periods):
>> https://www. delish. com/cooking/g1956/best-cookies/
>> That page has approximately 35Kb of Schema.
>> That is loaded for every single human visitor.
>> In the case of popular pages - this means a large amount of 
>> unnecessary
>> code is transferred (Gigabytes or higher per year).
>> If the JSON-LD could be externalised into a referred to file,
>> then this could reduce bandwidth consumption for users,
>> help speed up some page load times/improve performance
>> and help towards "going green".
>> I appreciate that technically,
>> this isn't about "Schema" directly,
>> but about how Browsers and Parsers can recognise and handle
>> and externalised version - but I'm hoping this is the right place
>> to get it considered and the right people to see it/push it to 
>> browser vendors.
>> Thank you.
>> Autocrat.

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