Re: Thing properties

Hallo Bob,

Used on these types
|Permit <>|

"validUntil" is a property of "Permit", not of "Thing".

Thing <> > Property
<> :: validUntil <>

The breadcrumb under the title tells that "validUntil" is an instance of
"Property" which is a Sub-class of "Thing".

Sinc. Omar

On 23.09.21 11:43, Bob Coret wrote:
> Hi,
> I see on <>
> that validUntil is property of Thing (this is the case for more
> properties). But on
> <> I don't see this property listed?
> Is this a deliberate choice to not list all Thing properties?
> And, is it valid to use such a property on any subclass of Thing?
> Bob Coret

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