RE: [EXTERNAL] Re: v11 release candidate (target ~2020-11-30)

The release looks good to me.


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Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: v11 release candidate (target ~2020-11-30)

Thanks for the responses so far. It seems that releases.html was missing a couple of bullet points that I should draw your attention to:

1) the new properties copyrightNotice and creditText, which where suggested by discussions with the IPTC
2) tweaks to competencyRequired

I've updated<>

On Tue, 17 Nov 2020 at 17:23, Dan Brickley <<>> wrote:
Dear Community Group / Steering Group / interested parties,

Based on discussions here and in Github, here is a proposal for a new release, version 11.0, which I would like to publish around Nov 30th:





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