Re: v8 release candidate (target 2020-05-01)



On 28/4/20 16:28, Dan Brickley wrote:
> Dear Community Group, Steering Group, interested parties,
> Based on discussions here and in Github, here is a proposal for a new 
> release, version 8.0, which I would like to publish on May 1st:
> We have been on an accelerated schedule since the Covid-19 outbreak. 
> The releases page lists a number of fast-tracked minor releases 
> published since 7.0 was posted on March 17th: 7.01 March 22nd, 7.02 
> March 31st, 7.03 April 2nd, 7.04 April 16th. This release (assuming a 
> May 1st release date) puts our main releases back on a monthly 
> schedule, and we continue to lean heavily on our "pending" mechanism 
> for early publication of designs. We may continue making occasional 
> interim minor releases as opportunities arise, but I would prefer us 
> to re-establish a regular publication rhythm.
> After the release we should review the contents of 
> to see what we have accumulated there over 
> our last several releases, looking for evidence of adoption by 
> publishers and consuming applications, and for opportunities to 
> improve, simplify, clarify or retire the various terms we have 
> defined.  As always, community discussion and varied perspectives on 
> all our schemas is welcome, either on this W3C mailing list, through 
> Github, or elsewhere.
> cheers,
> Dan

Received on Tuesday, 28 April 2020 16:55:42 UTC