RE: Does the order of schema cause an index conflict?

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Hi Mitch,

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The SD on the page should be for a ProfessionalService where the provider is a LocalBusiness. The rest can go as it is misleading, duplicate, not relevant and/or not clearly visible on the page. And review all your properties to see if they are correct. I’m sure your services are not free.

I don’t know of any rich snippets that this page can get. What are you wanting? You can’t get review stars for a LocalBusiness if it is yours (self serving).


I don’t think the order of your entities make a difference, however, you have many top level entities that send conflicting signals. Is the page about a Service, a LocalBusiness, a ProfessionalService or is it a set of Reviews?

It seems the Reviews are about the LocalBusiness. But they are not linking to it. I would place the reviews inside the LocalBusiness markup in the review property and drop the itemReviewed from them. That makes it a lot clearer what is going on. Saying that. Google no longer gives review stars for self serving LocalBusinesses. i.e. if you show the reviews on the business site. You can still mark it up, but don’t expect rich snippets.

Your reviews contain an aggregateRating, which does not make sense. Also move that to the LocalBusiness.

The reviews say you have 10 ratings, but only two reviews are marked up. Confusing and reduces trust in their accuracy.

The page does not show any reviews, and the ratings are only shown in the footer. Google guidelines say that what you mark up should be clearly visible on the page.

The sample page is not about your business. Which means, marking it up as to be a LocalBusiness is misleading (breaking another rule).

WebSite is only needed on the home page. But being on all pages will not cause any issues. It’s indicating you have a site search, but I can’t see a search box on the page.

Your Breadcrumb markup needs fixing. Two entries, both to the home page, and one called “Contact”. And I don’t see anything related to it on the page.

Your Service indicates it is provided by a LocalBusiness. As this page does seem to be about the service, you should place all your LocalBusiness markup in the service as the provider. And the reviews inside that LocalBusiness. That would be a more accurate representation of what the page is about.

I like the fact that the price range is free 😊

The Professional Service is duplicating the Service markup. Merge them into one.


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Subject: Does the order of schema cause an index conflict?


Can the order of Schema properties @type cause Google to not index your website schema?

I have implemented schema to my portfolio website but it seems not to be displayed on Google. its been two weeks now and nothing has appeared, I have made adjustments as well thinking it might make a difference with Google indexing my schema, but nothing.


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