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Re: Election News Article Metadata and Schema

From: Brendan Quinn <brendan@cluefulmedia.com>
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2018 14:53:19 -0400
Message-ID: <CAMvELkfNKDyzjwLeqsJz=ssRPURL1B7-G6QsmuHjrrRs8oQrLQ@mail.gmail.com>
To: Thad Guidry <thadguidry@gmail.com>
Cc: Dan Brickley <danbri@google.com>, Adam Sobieski <adamsobieski@hotmail.com>, "schema.org Mailing List" <public-schemaorg@w3.org>
Hi all - sorry for the delay, we have our Autumn Meeting this week.

As Thad says, we would recommend using Media Topics (
https://iptc.org/standards/media-topics/) to mark up news stories like this.

We have:
- election (http://cv.iptc.org/newscodes/mediatopic/20000574)
and its child concepts:
- intergovernmental elections (
- local elections (http://cv.iptc.org/newscodes/mediatopic/20000578)
- national elections (http://cv.iptc.org/newscodes/mediatopic/20000579)
- primary elections (http://cv.iptc.org/newscodes/mediatopic/20000583)
- regional elections (http://cv.iptc.org/newscodes/mediatopic/20000585)
- citizens initiative and recall (

Genre is more about the type of media, eg Press Release or Feature, rather
than the subject of the content itself. But it may be useful as we have for
example Analysis (http://cv.iptc.org/newscodes/genre/Analysis) which
combined with Election would cover one of Adam's examples.

I would suggest that we only need a new schema.org entity when the
*structure* of the content changes, i.e. when we need new properties.

BTW we are still going through Thad's mappings and verifying and confirming
them - he's done some great work! - and we will be updating the group soon.

Hope that helps,

Brendan Quinn, Managing Director, IPTC - International Press
Telecommunications Council
25 Southampton Buildings, London WC2A 1AL, United Kingdom
Phone +44 (0)20 3178 4922 | Email mdirector@iptc.org  | Twitter @IPTC /

On Mon, Oct 15, 2018 at 1:53 PM Thad Guidry <thadguidry@gmail.com> wrote:

> I completed the mapping from the current state of *IPTC Newscode Media*
> https://github.com/schemaorg/schemaorg/issues/280#issuecomment-412632555
> I did not do all the mapping for *IPTC Newscode Genres* /newscodes/genre
> because things there were much more "news like" and harder to fit into
> existing Wikidata topics where many would be brand new topics in Wikidata
> against a "newsroom" context or better fitting into Wikidata's upcoming
> Lexemes/Senses.  But some /newscodes/genre were done where it was
> straightforward such as http://cv.iptc.org/newscodes/genre/Synopsis -->
> https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q1427116
> *IPTC Newscode Genre* http://cv.iptc.org/newscodes/genre/
> was not fully mapped and remains to be completed, but was left for Brendan
> Quinn and his team to clean up..since they were in the middle of updating
> things for Media Topics as well.  You'll have to ask Brendan what the
> status is for /newscodes/genre and if they have plans to update now or
> later... but anyone can do the mapping in Wikidata itself once Brendan
> provides feedback.
> -Thad
> On Mon, Oct 15, 2018 at 12:31 PM Dan Brickley <danbri@google.com> wrote:
>> This feels closer to IPTC genre code territory, i.e.
>> http://cv.iptc.org/newscodes/genre/
>> I've asked Brendan Quinn from IPTC -
>> https://twitter.com/danbri/status/1051886709170827266
>> Our original News vocabulary was based on their rNews, and I know Thad
>> and others have been busy integrating IPTC newscodes into Wikidata too -
>> see
>> https://github.com/schemaorg/schemaorg/issues/280#issuecomment-380100700
>> and nearby.
>> Dan
>> On Sun, 14 Oct 2018 at 03:07, Adam Sobieski <adamsobieski@hotmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Schema.org Community Group,
>>> New metadata and schema for election news articles can enhance election
>>> news search and provide users with improved dashboards. Initial ideas
>>> include metadata and schema for indicating: locations, elections,
>>> candidates, campaign/platform issues, and ballot issues.
>>> Perhaps there could be a PoliticsNewsArticle or ElectionNewsArticle
>>> which extends NewsArticle, adding to the set of: AnalysisNewsArticle,
>>> AskPublicNewsArticle, BackgroundNewsArticle, OpinionNewsArticle,
>>> ReportageNewsArticle and ReviewNewsArticle?
>>> Is there any interest in the Schema.org Community Group in enhancing
>>> election news search capabilities and improving election news dashboards?
>>> Best regards,
>>> Adam Sobieski
>>> http://www.phoster.com/contents/
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