Data Commons Knowledge Graph (DCKG)

Hey all,

I was challenged last week to provide info(in rough numbers) about the Data
Commons Knowledge Graph(DCKG), which was constructed by synthesizing in a
single Knowledge Graph from many different data sources[1]. What I am
looking for especially is to know:

   - *How many entities or nodes the DCKG has?*, understanding that *dcid*
   (DataCommons identifier) is a unique identifier assigned to each entity in
   the knowledge graph, furthermore entities are represented by nodes[2].
   - *How many data sources the DCKG has?*, because currently contains data
   from Wikipedia, the US Census, NOAA, FBI, *etc?*[3].
   - *How many nodes and relations the DCKG has? and  **How many statements
   it has?*
      - For example, the statement "Santa Clara County is contained in the
      State of California" is represented in the graph as two nodes:
"Santa Clara
      County" and "California" with an edge labeled "containedInPlace" pointing
      from Santa Clara to California.
   - *What is the current size of the used vocabulary in the DCKG?*, taking
   into account that builds upon on the vocabularies defined
   - *These are potential FAQs* for future researchers (of course there are

Could you help me?

Elwin Huaman


Received on Monday, 19 November 2018 19:47:28 UTC