Hi Schema people,

Perhaps someone mentioned before, but if not, I thought you'd be interested
in ArchieML <>, a structured text format created by the
New York Times IT group for NYT writers/reporters.

It might be possible to wrangle ArchieML docs into generating
syntax. It's got keys and values, nested keys, and other data structures.
(The output is JSON.)

ArchieML is an *authorship format*. That's important to me because I think
proper and widespread use of will depend on having a clean
authorship format. In other words, the data needs to be *present
at birth*, when articles and other media are created/written.

My interest in is mostly about content like articles, fact checks
etc., not product pages. Like others have said, product websites already
have databases with many of the types that uses. But I don't
think articles are commonly stored with the kind of metadata that
is making possible. So I think we need to make it easier for authors to
embed metadata in their work, and ArchieML is a good example of
how this might be done.

In concrete terms, we need parsers for free form text files, like ArchieML
has, and could really benefit from MS Word and LibreOffice Writer plug-ins,
kind of like how Zotero works. Maybe an extension to Markdown would be a
good idea as well, a clear syntax for separating metadata from
the content. If this has already been done, I apologize for my ignorance.



Received on Thursday, 26 July 2018 00:04:26 UTC