Re: Creating new Schemas?

Thanks, Martin. Much appreciated!

My thinking of an award/championship schema was, it had applications
outside of combat sports. All I can find currently is a simple, text-only
property in A proper Award schema could have
properties for its name, description, as well as its recipients. So not
only could it be used to represent things like championship titles but
other bona fide awards such as the Academy Awards, Nobel Prizes, the FIFA
World Cup, and so on.

I will start drafting something more “official” and open a pull request in
due course. Thanks again for the pointers!

On Tue, 24 Jul 2018 at 14:59, Martin Hepp <> wrote:

> Hi Martin,
> in a nutshell, a small-sized pull-request on Github is the way to go. But
> before you invest the work, you need to evaluate whether there is an actual
> need and a sufficient interest by major consumers of data. We
> typically do not extend the vocabulary for the sake of extending it; most
> work is driven by immediate needs and hands-on use-cases.
> If you decide to go forward, here are few hints:
> - Write a concise and compelling motivation for your proposal and host it
> somewhere.
> - Start small. Even major extensions (hotels, auto, fibo, ...) had to be
> very small in size. 1 - 2 new types plus a few properties are ideal. 5 - 9
> might be if they cover a major new use-case. More than 20 is hardly
> accepted.
> - Deliver an end-to-end proposal, with
> ** well-crafted names and descriptions etc. that are consistent with
> naming conventions
> ** zero syntactical and conceptual errors, in particular the proper reuse
> of existing elements
> ** correct and carefully designed examples in all relevant syntaxes
> Your proposal must be convincing at first sight. Nobody will take the
> effort for polishing your proposal or fixing conceptual or syntactical
> flaws.
> It will be a lot of work to champion for such a proposal. A good start
> will be smaller contributions, like crafting missing examples for existing
> elements.
> For instance, and
> took me almost two years from the
> first proposal to acceptance.
> This is just my personal view, but based on a lot of experience.
> Please take this as advice and support, not discouragement.
> Best wishes
> Martin
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> > On 24 Jul 2018, at 15:43, Martin Bean <> wrote:
> >
> > How does one go about getting involved in the
> creation/drafting/proposing of new Schemas?
> >
> > I’m keen to work on establishing combat sport-related Schemas. The most
> useful one for me right now would be an “award” or ”championship” schema.
> >
> > I’ve tried reaching out on GitHub and via email on information on how to
> become more “involved” in the drafting and defining of Schemas, but
> struggling to get any response.
> >
> > If someone could point me in the direction of a person or official
> documentation on establishing Schemas, that would be most helpful.
> >
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