Re: Question regarding "package type" as an extension of product

Hi F.M.

You may find the GS1 external extension of use to you for comprehensive
product details.
In particular PackagingDetails <>

They recommend using "UNECE Rec 21 codes" which I found here
They have a tool to help you make the markup

Here is an example I put together on using it with schema, Keep in mind no
major search engines recognise GS1.

    "@context": {
        "gs1": "",
        "s": "",
        "xsd": "",
        "@vocab": ""
    "@type": [
        "@id": "",
        "s:name": "blueberry & banana breakfast smoothie",
        "gtin": "00614141987658",
        "s:description": "Rich in antioxidants and bursting with flavour,
this smoothie contains a blend of puréed fruits and pressed juices",
        "packaging": {
                { "@id": "gs1:PackagingRecyclingProcessTypeCode-RECYCLABLE"
            "packagingType": "BO",
            "@type": "gs1:PackagingDetails"
                "packagingMaterialType": {
                    "@id": "gs1:PackagingMaterialTypeCode-GLASS"
                "@type": "gs1:PackagingMaterialDetails"

Hope this helps,

Kane Hudson.

On Tue, 24 Jul 2018 at 05:51, F.M. <> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I am building an eCommerce site that will have individual products named
> identical things, eg. "Some Special Beverage".  Some of those products will
> be packaged in Cans and some of those will be in Bottles.  I expected to
> see a property in Product to describe the packaging type but did not.  Am I
> right that it doesn't exist and if I have this need I should extend Product
> or use additionalType?  Any information is much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> F.M.

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