Re: Eurocentrism, incorrect unit abbreviations, and proprietary Royalist Engish (sic) terms

Fair request, Thad.

In 2014 I cofounded a food delivery startup and was using Schema for all of
our classes; People (users), Places (restaurants), Events (food deliveries,
batched food deliveries), Vehicles (fleet), PostalAddresses. We used
JSON-LD, which had just come out, for data exchange. I was the first driver
too, and continued doing the odd shift to keep on top of real world aspects.

Another idea came to me during that time, good enough to abandon the food
delivery, which was getting very competitive anyway, been working on it a
very long time now. Probably at least six months until I can show it, will
show it on here too if you like can't wait. It heavily uses Schema, or at
least it was until I started to see it being creaky when approached as a
whole (which I know isn't its use case).

[image: Delivery scooter 1.jpg]

On Tue, Jul 17, 2018 at 6:42 AM Thad Guidry <> wrote:

> Anthony,
> Since you are a software developer...take the challenge given to you by
> Dan and others....AND BUILD SOMETHING COOL...with what we already have,
> instead of trying to change it now...then and only then do you get to come
> back to us when you hit a wall.
> I'm serious.  No more toy conversations.  USE SCHEMA.ORG. BUILD
> We look forward to your experiments !
> Thad

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