Re: Eurocentrism, incorrect unit abbreviations, and proprietary Royalist Engish (sic) terms

*Folks* - Easy.  Joe, like many others comes here with a particular
viewpoint BUT a willingness to help.  Please place more emphasis on *his
last paragraph*.

*Joe* - We do appreciate your help !  Creating a global standard, like, is always hard because of differences in languages and
interpretations.  As a social scientist, you should realize that
approaching any culture for the first time, even ours like :-) ,
is best done through the lens of tolerance and understanding *first*.

Welcome aboard Joe!  and Happy 4th of July!

I'd suggest to draft your suggestions perhaps on a collaborative document
if you can ? , where others can review and make comments.
Or if you are comfortable you can use our Github Issues
<> where you can click the
green button and create new issues that suggest a single improvement or
idea that you have.  We have the ability to label and track your ideas as a
cohesive whole in Github Issues.


Received on Wednesday, 4 July 2018 22:47:39 UTC