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Hi Clifford, can represent all the properties you list.  Take a look at the
definition of the *LocalBusiness* Type in the vocabulary for more details: Also listed there are more specific
subtypes and examples of use.

The wikidata Id would be handled by using the *sameAs* property.

As to the direction of travel, Schema is continuing to evolve through group
consensus to broaden its breadth and depth of capabilities for describing
resources across more and more domains.

It is being consumed, amongst others, by the leading search engines to aid
in discovery in various forms. markup is published on many
millions of web sites (12 million estimated in late 2015) and a large
percentage of pages (30% from some surveys).

You might find this article published in 2015 * Evolution of
Structured Data on the Web <>*
useful in filling in some of the background and this document *HowWeWork*
<> as to how the community operates.

Hope this helps,


Richard Wallis
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On 29 September 2017 at 01:26, Clifford Snow <>

> I am a volunteer contributor to OpenStreetMap. While researching why SEO
> shops are adding data to OSM, and let me add, doing it poorly, I came
> across
> It seems that the schema might help us in the future when adding POI's.
> Some businesses, like the typical fast food restaurants are easy, others
> it's much harder to apply the appropriate tags to the business. An example
> might be a gift shop that also sells clothing. We can guess but it may not
> be what the owner would perfer.
> Can you help me understand where is headed and if it might
> help us properly tag the business?  Some of the areas we'd like to capture
> are:
> - Hours of Operation
> - Phone/Fax number
> - Email
> - Is it handicap accessible
> - business type
> - description
> - wikidata id
> I can envision a user adding the website which would allow our editor to
> query for these answers and then formatting the results to populate OSM.
> Such a process would improve quality, and likely increase the amount of
> information for the business.
> Thanks in advance,
> Clifford
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> @osm_seattle
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