Re: Rationale behind separate TechArticle / HowTo types?

Hi Joe,

I intend to write a fuller description with examples of the use MTEs.
However in the meantime you might like to checkout my post describing
enhancements to the TouristAttraction type
<>.  It makes use
of multi-type entities and has several examples using the technique.

As to how we work, propose & submit enhancements etc.,  you might find the *how
we work <> *document and my “
in practice” articles: part 1
, 2
and 3


Richard Wallis
Founder, Data Liberate
Twitter: @rjw

On 19 September 2017 at 08:48, Joe Pairman <> wrote:

> Hi Richard,
> Thank you for the information. An example of such a multi-type entity
> would be very useful. Is there a facility for cross-linking between the two
> types so that people looking at HowTo could also see the possible joint use
> with TechArticle? (I'm not sure how the docs are generated; I assume
> automatically from an RDFSs source, so not sure if arbitrary
> cross-referencing is possible.)
> Who would normally update the documents? As it happens, I'll need to come
> up with an example of this multi-type entity myself for an upcoming
> presentation — would it be helpful if I made that available as a possible
> example to use in the docs?
> Joe
> On Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 11:41 AM, Richard Wallis <
>> wrote:
>> Hi Joe,
>> The simple answer to your question is that there was probably very little
>> connection between the recent development of the HowTo
>> <> type and its predecessor (by a long time)
>> TechArticle <>.  It certainly escaped my
>> notice that ‘*Example: How-to topics, step-by-step*,’ was part of the
>> TechArticle description.
>> For your article that has procedural info use case I would agree that a
>> multi-type entity would be the most suitable solution.
>> I suggest that the description of TechArticle is tweaked a little to
>> reference such a use, and an example or two added.
>> ~Richard.

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