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Richard Wallis is referencing a joint post from December 2015 where the
chairman of, RV Guha, and a Microsoft representative announced
"we estimate that at least 12 million sites use markup. The
important point to note is that structured data markup is now of the same
order of magnitude as the Web itself." This comment is based on data from
Google and the Web Data Commons crawls.

I'll add that this metric was referenced prior to Web Data Commons support
of JSON-LD in their crawls, which should make the number of sites much

Here is the article link Richard Wallis provided in his reply:


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On Oct 30, 2017 8:42 PM, "Brian Tremblay" <> wrote:

On 9/29/17 6:36 AM, Richard Wallis wrote:

> markup is published on many millions of web sites (12
> million estimated in late 2015) and a large percentage of pages (30%
> from some surveys).

May I ask which surveys? And who provided the 12 million estimate?

Brian Tremblay

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