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Re: Political Rhetoric Vocabulary

From: Paul Watson <lazarus@lazaruscorporation.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2017 18:14:46 +0000
To: "R.V.Guha" <guha@guha.com>, "schema.org Mailing List" <public-schemaorg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <bcac72db-6bc8-e402-9049-4a5264bfcb88@lazaruscorporation.co.uk>
On 15/03/17 17:55, Paul Watson wrote:
> On 15/03/17 17:04, R.V.Guha wrote:
>> There is a project I am involved in, that requires vocabulary to 
>> describe the content on sites such as presidency.ucsb.edu 
>> <http://presidency.ucsb.edu> and millercenter.org 
>> <http://millercenter.org>.
>> We need some vocabulary related to political rhetoric. Some of this 
>> is US centric. One could argue for portions of this being in the core.
>> We would like feedback.
>> guha
>> Political Rhetoric Vocabulary
>> New subClass of CreativeWork: Speech, Legislation, PressRelease, 
>> USPresidentialStatement, Proclamation
>> New subClass of Speech: InauguralAddress, CollegeCommencementAddress, 
>> PartyConventionAddress, UnitedNationsAddress
>> New subClass of Event: PressEvent
>> New subClass of USPresidentialStatement: USPExecutiveOrder, 
>> USPStateOfUnionAddress, USPProclamation, USPInauguralAddress, 
>> USPPressEvent [PressEvent], USPFireSideChat, USPRadioAddress, 
>> USPStateOfUnionAddress [Speech], USPInauguralAddress 
>> [InauguralAddress], USPVetoMessage
>> (terms inside the square parens are additional super classes)
> Hi,
> What is the reasoning behind having both "InauguralAddress" and 
> "USPInauguralAddress"? My concern is that (unless we adopt a less 
> US-centric prefix such as "HOS" - see below) then we will end up with 
> requests for near-identical classes for many other major countries.
> A more nation-neutral approach could be that instead of 
> USPresidentialStatement we'd use StatementByHeadOfState which then 
> makes it applicable to most countries including the US (although in 
> the UK the Head of State is the Queen rather than the Prime Minister, 
> which makes it slightly difficult)
> Sub-classes such as USPStateOfUnionAddress could remain US-centric, 
> but on many of them the 'USP' prefix could be changed to 'HOS' (for 
> Head of State) e.g. HOSInauguralAddress. Although if we could think of 
> a prefix that doesn't technically exclude the UK Prime Minister then 
> that would be better.
> Paul
Some quick research tells me that "Head of Government" is the official 
term that would cover both the US President and the UK Prime Minister.

It would also correctly indicate

* the Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland (Enda Kenny, rather than the 
President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins),
* the Bundeskanzler (Federal Chancellor - currently Angela Merkel)//of 
Germany rather than the//Bundespräsident//(President, currently Joachim 

So I think it works as intended for most cases, although I think that 
the Russian President (Vladimir Putin) is Head of State, but the Russian 
Prime Minister (Dmitry Medvedev) is officially Head of Government.

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