Encoding geospatial features on schema.org



Im trying to use HTML+schema.org to encode geospatial features in html


Geospatial features are generally composed by one (or more) geospatial
attributes and one or more no geospatial attributes. For examples, the
Mississippi river can be represented by a linestring and the name,
description, length, etc.


Schema.org, seems great for tagging no geospatial attributes. I have some
issues with the geospatial objects. I see there are two objects that I can
use: GeoCoordinate and GeoShape. If I need to encode a linestring for my
river, I could use GeoShape but I see no way to specify the projection. With
polygons features, I have even more problems because I cannot see how to
specify holes in them (a common requirement in land cover maps).


Do you know of any implementation of a similar thing that I can check?

Im missing something and shat I believe is not supported is actually

Is it possible to discuss extensions of the model to better support
geospatial objects? Where?


Thanks for your feedback,


Joan Mas

CREAF and OGC member

Received on Wednesday, 12 July 2017 06:56:39 UTC