archived technical documentation & schema

I have a fairly interesting situation. 

We have thousands of multi-page technical documents for software products that we no longer support. However, they're still used. We want to create a "no longer supported" archive for these docs. My issue is that I can't find a good schema to describe the status of these documents. 

I've created different schema templates for different types of documents (solutions, documentation, articles, security vulnerabilities etc) and while these docs would be in the "documentation" schema template, I want to add a new schema like documentArchive or even a schema like documentStatus 

to give a bit more context, we have many types of statuses for our content such as: 
- verified 
- work in progress 
- unverified 

I'd appreciate any thoughts or suggestions on this. 


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Received on Wednesday, 18 January 2017 15:50:12 UTC