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I put some rough draft examples up at:

My thoughts on the discussion question were that more intricate structures could be in JSON-LD <script> elements. With microdata/RDFa, the structures go atop the markup, atop the natural language; elements are utilized once in microdata/RDFa.

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I am finding it difficult to see how these options would work without having some marked up example use cases to look at.

I am also a little confused by the discussion question about which microdata/RDFa and JSON-LD scenarios we should be looking at.   In (in the vast majority of cases) the encoding syntax should not be relevant - the vocabulary should work the same for all three syntaxes.


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Thank you for your feedback and comments so far. I've refactored the schemas.

I'm exploring two approaches to modeling argument maps. A first approach is to model the relationships between statements or quotations.

Relationship - Extends Intangible<>. A relationship between a subject and an object.
subject: Text<> or Quotation<> or Relationship<> or ItemList<> or URI
object: Text<> or Quotation<> or Relationship<> or ItemList<> or URI

A second approach is to model statements which extend CreativeWork and which can be interrelated.

Statement - Extends CreativeWork<>. A statement.
supports: Statement<> or ItemList<>
supportedBy: Statement<> or ItemList<>
opposes: Statement<> or ItemList<>
opposedby: Statement<> or ItemList<>

I'll explore how the approaches work in Microdata, RDFa and JSON-LD.

Regardless of approach 1 or 2, a topic of argumentation schemas is to convenience the expression of agreement and disagreement and to support the expression of rationale for so doing.

AgreeQuotation - Extends Quotation<>. A quotation which is agreed with.
rationale: Text<> or ItemList<>

DisagreeQuotation - Extends Quotation<>. A quotation which is disagreed with.
rationale: Text<> or ItemList<>

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