SearchAction vs FindAction, and OpenSearch totalResults equivalent


I’m a newbie struggling with describing image searches and search results. I.e. there should be several endpoints to which one can send a query (and pagination info like search result page size and number), and get back a list of matching ImageObject items, along with some result metadata (number of total results, page size and number).

For some background, see my “RDF and for DAM interoperability” blog post:

I think I understand how to use input properties (as described in ) to describe the required and optional query (search form) fields.

But how would I best return search results? Should I use or (both with CompletedActionStatus)? What’s the difference?

Would I return an array of ImageObject items directly within the result property? 

If so, where would I put result metadata like the total number of results?

And is it true that there’s no equivalent for the OpenSearch elements “totalResults”, “startIndex” and “itemsPerPage”? See:

For pagination, I guess I could somehow link to potential “next page” and “previous page” actions. Where would I put them in my search results?

Sorry for so many questions in one post. Any input is appreciated :)

Tim Strehle

Received on Friday, 20 May 2016 16:04:22 UTC