Re: publishing sdo-deimos - in progress

Version 3 will be published to during the next week - delay due
to technical hitch. In the meantime the same (v3) content is available at including a new doc which may help give a better
overview of where things live. Good point re version number on homepage,
I'll get that added...

On 6 May 2016 16:54, "Mike Bergman" <> wrote:

It is confusing to know where the complete update is viewable in one page.
Is it on [1]? If so, it would be good to update the intro (and
the main page) to indicate it now reflects version 3.0.

Is is on GitHub somewhere? If so, it would be helpful to update the readme
file to indicate where it can be found.




On 5/4/2016 5:01 PM, Dan Brickley wrote:

> Update (copied from issue tracker):
> "I've set things in motion for the subdomain URL mapping issue to be
> fixed (short version: we're using a special version of AppEngine with
> hidden complexities). This could take anything from 24h until early
> next week, so I have for now rolled back the site to the state of
> things on 2015-11-05. Apologies for the gracelessness! "
> Dan
> On 4 May 2016 at 21:16, Dan Brickley <> wrote:
>> Per I have just
>> published sdo-deimos to the site as version 3.0. Unfortunately there
>> is an issue with the new subdomain-based hosted extensions (pending,
>> meta, health-lifesci); these are not showing up as they should be. I'm
>> optimistic this can be fixed fairly quickly so will leave things in
>> place but let's hold off on widespread announcements for now.
>> Apologies for this glitch, the mechanisms around subdomains have
>> changed since our last release. --Dan

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