Re: How to encode a product family?

> On 03 May 2016, at 17:43, Thad Guidry <> wrote:
> The way I have done it in the past is just treat a Product Family as a Brand
> "A brand is a name used by an organization or business person for labeling a product, product group, or similar."
> iPhone is all of these things, A Brand, A Product Group/Family, and A Licensed Trademark
> Thad
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Yes, that is also a perfectly valid approach for the product family. A brand is actually just a named container for tradeable objects that "somehow" belong together (they need not serve similar functionality - a pair of Hepp Research mountaineering gloves and a Hepp Research canoe might belong to the same brand, even if they are very different types of products).

The good thing about schema:brand is that you can attach logos and URLs and text to the entity.


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