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Just a sideline note:

Martin, I think "Color" would fit under one of those generic properties for
product characteristics:

adhesive color
glue color
cement color
Silicone caulk color
Grout color

And we this already done as:

Although, saying "the color of the product" versus "the color of the
finished products material - upon drying - 24 hours - without rain and at
35% humidity" are 2 separate and distinct things. A Blue soap decanter that
sells for $4.99 can spit out its supplied with Orange colored soap if it
wants. :-)  The "color of the product" is sometimes debatable on what the
consumer (wife) is buying and looking for, not necessarily what the
supplier is marking up for them (husband). :-)

Thankfully, Looks like GS1 does layout even "color code list agency" for
those that want to go deeper down the rabbit hole: of specifying a particular color against a
particular agency or code list.  But doesn't go that far with
product color, or need to, in my opinion.

+ThadGuidry <>

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