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Hi Russell,

Without going into a great deal of detail here, the Product schema is
fundamentally generic, whereas the properties you're exploring are very
much domain-specific.  So depending on what benefit you hope to derive from
declaring such properties, you may indeed well wish to explore building
your own external extension.

Alternately and/or additionally, you'll definitely want to take a look at
the GS1 Web Vocabulary [1], which is a far more products-focused external
extension, and accordingly has a much broader range of properties available
for use. [2]

Finally, also check out the The Product Types Ontology [3].  While this
won't necessarily make more product categories available for your use,
through the use of additionalType you can at least make much more granular
product declarations.


On Tue, Mar 22, 2016 at 9:35 AM, Russell Pruitt <>

> Hi Everyone,
> I have been looking at the current product schema that are in the product
> item scope of property, but they are not very robust for the
> itemtypes/itemprops that are offered.
> I have around 150 different itemprops I'd like to propose, but wanted to
> understand if there are any suggestions or rules around this?
> I could always build a proprietary extension of types, but would much
> rather do this so that it benefits everyone in the product schema (
> Here are some examples I believe could be useful to add - I have many more
> based on our current use:
> Abrasion Resistance
> Additional Protection Features
> Adhesion to Foam
> Adhesive Color
> Adhesive Content
> Adhesive Controltac/Comply
> Adhesive Features
> Adhesive Type
> Alternative Sale Availability
> Application / Industry
> Application Category
> Application Method
> Application Surface
> Application Temperature (Celsius)
> Applications
> Aspect Ratio
> Attachment Type
> Any insight would be great.
> Thanks.
> Russell
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