Crediting source of properties in or extension


How does credits the source of types and properties that come
from external models ? taking the example of the property "brand", I see it
has an RDFa dc:source property, linking to the original GoodRelations
ontology :

    <div typeof="rdfs:Class" resource="">
      <span class="h" property="rdfs:label">Brand</span>
      <span property="rdfs:comment">A brand is a name used by an
organization or business person for labeling a product, product group, or
       <span>Subclass of: <a property="rdfs:subClassOf" href="">Intangible</a></span>
       <span>Source:  <a property="dc:source" href="

The FAQ says "Many terms in came through collaborations, and we
acknowledge these on the site...". However I can't find this
source information anywhere in the website. Will it be added in future
versions ?

When designing/proposing an extension, I would like users to be able to
navigate/look at the source model; can I include links to the source model
in the properties description ?



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Received on Tuesday, 8 March 2016 15:46:04 UTC