Re: Happy New Year from your friends at Wordnik

Hi Erin !

Let me also CC in the mailing list to get you some grounding on
things (and have others help out here as well).

That's great news that you have at least heard about it and thinking of
using with (now a non-profit) could use some love....ideally
you would use JSON-LD.  (I used Wordnik's API in the past, very cool.)

Reference mailing list thread discussing online dictionaries
last year, to begin everyone's journey:

The basics I could think of for Wordnik would be uses or extension points
at: ??

Where Thing - name is any "word" in a language, and to start we would just
need to add an additional Type such as <-- The most fitting
form for Wordnik I would think and other online dictionaries ?

Other helpful additional Types would be:

That's my starting help for you, I'll leave others on the list to chime in
and take it from there.  I don't think a extension for this is
necessarily warranted, but it might be useful to create one, just to
understand and merge those useful/needed GOLD concepts to
types/properties ... and in doing so, help other online dictionary vendors,
such as Wordnik, etc.

Thoughts ?

+ThadGuidry <>

On Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 5:54 PM, Erin McKean <> wrote:

> Thanks so much! I've been keeping an eye on, but I haven't dug
> deep enough to see what the right markup for Wordnik would be. It looks
> like this StackOverflow post has some details (
> but any suggestions would be gratefully received!
> Yours,
> Erin
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> PS we're happy to send you some stickers -- just let us know where to
> address the envelope!
> On 1/12/16 12:02 PM, Thad Guidry wrote:
>> Get JSON-LD scripts into those public Wordnik pages so you
>> can benefit from searchability !
>> Thad
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