Re: Review schema for books and short stories.


Bear in mind that older books often do not have an ISBN. Anything 
published before the mid 1960s will have no ISBN. So I strongly oppose 
making ISBN required.

Alex McKee

On 05/04/2016 04:26, Ali Kayn wrote:
> I do reviews.  For a collection I still use 'author' for the editor, 
> as a broader interpretation of the word.
> I absolutely support requiring an ISBN for books.  Books and Magazines 
> (ISSN) are specific object that are required to be archived  by state 
> and national libraries.
> SameAs can be a bit harder to track down.  Sometimes books and stories 
> are listed on author sites, sometimes they are listed on Amazon or 
> Wikipedia.
> Reviewing short stories within collections looks like something not 
> yet considered.  If you do stories within a collection or a magazine, 
> can you use itemlist?
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