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On 7 April 2016 at 15:21, Richard Wallis
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> Hi Thad,
> The Schema Version listed is currently the release version of the the site
> and the vocabulary.  On the live version at this, debug
> information,  is not displayed.
> Separate versioning for the code, the vocabulary, and individual extensions
> is a subject to be yet discussed.

(Getting off-topic a bit here but since it came up....)

Currently we have the notion of a "release" which is a package of
major updates that get a number.

As far as the software goes, it is not packaged for serious re-use
elsewhere (i.e. it is very, I doubt there is much
value in numbering its releases.

Hosted extensions in many ways are properly part of and
need to be signed off by Steering Group etc accordingly, so they also
are release numbered.

The "rough edges" here are -

1.) health-lifesci (a big set of changes which move the vocab into a hosted extension.
This needs both homepage customisation and some CSS to deal with the
large number of terms.

2.) - I moved a handful of terms into this hosted
extension to indicate that they are essentially implementation details
for Class, Property, domainIncludes, supersededBy etc.,
and not currently advocated for widespread adoption across the Web.

3.) - This is something new. We have a lot of great
ideas filed away in Github where nobody can use them, and where you
need a certain degree of technical sophistication (rather than domain
knowledge) to even find or interpret them. The idea for is a hosted extension that is a kind of on-ramp or
staging area for works-in-progress on their way towards the core. I
propose it be updateable live rather than waiting weeks/months for a
release, but that it also come with a health warning about stability
and lack of consensus. I'll add documentation for all this into the
upcoming release candidate for the next version of the site...

And yes - it might have been easier to test the site with an earlier
version of the schemas, sorry about that!


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> On 7 April 2016 at 15:13, Thad Guidry <> wrote:
>> 1. Is the Schema Version across the board version for display
>> even with extensions ?  Where are the extension versions displayed ?
>> Thad
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