Re: Written Works and Collections

That's not entirely true that Google insists on an ISBN for a Book.

In Google's world...Google knows and understands that a Book and a
CreativeWork are 2 different Things.  And that there could be many
CreativeWorks inside a Book, that might have an ISBN assigned or not.

Here's what you probably missed in the SDTT tool docs...
(its a shame that the SDTT tool says Required rather than tell you the full
hint that is in the docs.  I would say that is a bug in SDTT that you can
inform them about on their forums.

itemReviewed.isbn (Required) Text ISBN of the book. In cases where no ISBN
exists, use sameAs (see below).
itemReviewed.sameAs (Required unless isbn is defined) URL URL to a page
that unambiguously identifies the book. URLs to the Google Play Books page,
Wikipedia page, or official website are stongly preferred.

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