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My take would be that you should focus your efforts on improving the data
in Wikidata instead.  Why ?

"Give me a list of the closest galaxies to Earth, ascending order in light
years from Earth"

"What is the closest galaxy(center) to Earth?"   (spoiler, it is NOT the
Milky Way Galaxy's center that is closer, but another much closer Galaxy
= , and there is NO data in Wikidata
that would give you a clue about this)


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On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 1:42 PM, Barry Carter <>

> Let me try asking more specific (and hopefully useful) questions:
>   - If I create a "database website" that pulls original
>   not-generally-available data from a database and prettyprints it
>   into pages, this would be an ideal use of Is that correct?
>   - Suppose I create a page that lists the ~8 planets, their distances
>   from the Sun, and the number of satellites each has. In other words,
>   I compile publicly available data. Questions:
>     - Would it be worthwhile to this page? Why or why
> not?
>     - Google's structured data page for webmasters:
> implies that *only* markup is acceptable and "universal"
> (in the sense that 3 major search engines use it). Is this true?
> Currently, there are no pages that have marked-up planet
> data (since there is no markup for planets). Does this mean
> Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc, have no structured idea about planet
> data? Or do they use other tools (such as to learn about
> planet data?
> In other words, if I created an and then a page with
> marked-up planet data, would I be adding to the major search engines'
> store of structured data, or would it just be redundant with what they
> already have?
> In other other words, is primarily for data that doesn't
> exist in structured form anywhere else on the web?

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