Re: Itemref on parent entities within the same scope should not inherit itemprop value of the target

Dear Alexandros:

<link itemprop="propertyName" href="<URL>" /> 

is the proper and needed way for modeling properties that have URIs as their value.

This should not break existing page rendering.

meta and link are needed, because sometimes there are no matching HTML elements for visual content.

Adding new elements and attributes is an essential pattern that all syntaxes for embedding structured data into HTML, except for microformats, share - be it Microdata or RDFa.

As far as I can see, there is no simple way around this, at least as soon as the visible content and the embedded data are not structurally and content-wise perfectly equivalent.

But there is hope: The increasing understanding of JSON-LD by search engines means you will be able to simply inject JSON-LD data snippets into <script> elements, without adding any additional HTML elements or attributes.

Best wishes


martin hepp          @mfhepp

> On 29 May 2015, at 05:19, Alexandros Zepidis <> wrote:
> Hello Jarno van Driel and thank you for your helpful reply,
> First of all I'd like to note that linking to other entities is an important and basic feature for the schema that a lot of functionality will be built upon.
> Up to now it was possible to mark an existing html document with schema just by adding properties on existing tags without adding additional tags or mingling with properties used already for html (other than “id”). Doesn’t adding a link tag or href property break this foundation? 
> Let’s say that you want to add a CommunicateAction to a button that references its parent entity as in this models list. I believe this process should be as transparent as possible so that developers can “upgrade” existing html without adding additional tags (such as Link/href) that is uncertain how browsers/programs would interpret visually. Simply by just embedding new properties to existing dom elements. Moreover the href property is already being used and is conceptually bound to the specific action of moving to a new url. Even if you had something like <span itemprop="affiliation" href="#AcmeCorp"> that still would be awkward if not problematic.
> Shouldn’t there be a way of linking transparently in parallel? 
> Like: 
> <span itemprop="recipient" itemhref="Model-Artist-ID">
> Or more specifically:
> <div itemscope itemtype="">
> <a itemprop="recipient" itemhref="Model-Artist-ID" href=”Actual-Url-To-Go-To-Communicate”>Contact</a>
> </div>
> This way microdata can be operated separately and more efficiently

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