github update - issue labels etc

I guess most people here are monitoring Github, but I thought I'd
share a quick update here in the Community Group list too.

- I've updated the file which shows up at to mention that we now live in
a W3C Community Group.

- I've recycled the first issue in the tracker to be an entry point
for planning: and also created an
issue for the upcoming next release ('sdo-ganymede'):

- Some minor tweaks to name/purpose of our issue labels, alongside a
high level overview of the issues given in Issue #1 just mentioned.

At this point we have no unlabelled issues, but way too many still
open. My recent investigation into the
issues which informed the tweaks above suggests we have roughly a
50-50 split between "vocabulary issues" and "other stuff" (mostly site
tooling, Python, overview documentation, broken examples etc etc.).

We have 115 open Vocab issues
of ~201 open in total, so that split seems about right.

This is still a daunting collection of issues to review and address.
Let's look into finding useful subsets, for example here is a label
(created today) that groups those on dates/times/events and opening

Are there any other topical clusters? We have enough labels already
for things like 'bug' vs 'enhancement', but we haven't much analysis
of what's there in terms of underlying topic, e.g. e-commerce,
cultural heritage, social Web etc. I'd appreciate any insight from the
Community Group on how we might usefully group these 115 issues into
higher level groups...

Also of course, it would be great to actually work through the content
of the issues and reach rough consensus on closing / addressing them



Received on Wednesday, 27 May 2015 16:57:05 UTC